Little New York City Guide (english)

For the Thanksgiving break I went to New York but that wasn’t my 1st time in the city that never sleeps!
I’m happy because my experience of NY got better as I prepared properly the trip this time before going there (hello hours on trip advisor and google), in order to find the best place possible to make an unforgettable trip.

Of course in NY, you can find shops in every streets but you definitly have to try these ones!

Macy’s: This is just the biggest store in the world! For those of you who know Harrod’s in London, I thought that it was pretty similar, each floor has its own products: 1st floor for bags, 2nd for shoes, 3rd for clothes and so on… We can’t say that it’s cheap, but during sales it’s worth it! I was there for the Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and I got leather boots 60% off, and sometimes it’s more! You can find products originally at $150 go down to $40!

H&M, Forever21…: If you’re looking for cheap shops it won’t be difficult, you can find them in every big squares like Herald Square (where Macy’s, but also Victoria’s secret are) or in Times Square and so on… For Europeans, be careful, you will be disappointed by Zara, a cheap brand in Europe but the prices are like +50% in the US!


Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center? I tried both and the best view is definitly at the top of the Rockefeller Center! It’s more expensive but it’s worth it! Why? First, because you are separated with glasses and not a fence as it’s the case in the Empire State Building and so pictures are greater; secondly, because the view is so much better! You can see Central Park and the Empire State Building higher than the others, while at the top of the Empire you can only see some « unknown » buildings (of course some of them are known… but you understood, the experience is different); thirdly, you won’t suffer from dizziness because the glasses are not at the edge of the terrace, I mean, they are put something like 1m off (40 in); and finally because taking the elevator in the Rockefeller Center is so cool! The roof is made of glass, so you can see what’s going on uppon your head , there are multicoloured lights and a screen with a short video clip!

IMG_9367 IMG_9371


During my first time in the city, I didn’t have the opportunity to try great restaurant, nor did I the second time! Moreover, on November 2014 I only stay for 3 days with 2 friends and we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on that, but here are ones of my favorite places!

Speedy’s (a Deli): When you don’t want to put a lot of money in restaurant, the best solution is the several delis (from delicatessen) all other NYC. I had known a pretty good one near Macy’s but when I came back it was impossible to find it! But I found an other one, Speedy’s. You can eat there or have the food to-go, cold or hot, fresh and cooked the same day. So much choice and cheap price for NYC!
Speedy’s – 1271 Broadway Avenue NYC

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Amy’s Bread (bakery): You can’t go to NYC without trying American pastries (well, if you’re a stranger at least) in the city’s bakeries . I found this little place thanks to my guide and I have to say that’s a perfect place for breakfast! My hotel didn’t serve any breakfast so finding those kind of place is just very useful! I won’t say too much about this lovely place, except that prices are correct for NY and their pastries are very nice! Moreover, employees are cool and smiling, so don’t wait anymore, try it out!
Amy’s Bread – 672 9th Ave, New York

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